Remote Control by Body Movement in Synchrony with Orbiting Widgets: an Evaluation of TraceMatch

Christopher Clarke, Alessio Bellino, Augusto Esteves and Hans Gellersen.

PACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies: Volume 1 Issue 3, September 2017

We present Touch&Screen, a wide set of interaction techniques for the remote control of widgets (menu, lists, videos, maps etc.) for large screens through smartphones. After presenting the design of these widgets and the related control interfaces of the smartphone, we evaluated the interaction through two user studies. The first study (48 users) aimed to evaluate the user experience (naturalness, usability, etc.) and spontaneity of use. The second user study (12 users) aimed to evaluate our interaction techniques comparatively with direct touch and a commercial smartphone application designed to control cursors on distant screens. The evaluation results show that Touch&Screen is faster and more natural than existing solutions to control distant screens.

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